Ron Climer,
Real Estate Instructor Extraordinaire 
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Ron Climer is the premier real estate instructor in Central Florida. He has been teaching real estate license classes since 1978 and has been selling real estate since 1974. This combination of teaching and practical real estate experience means he teaches students to pass the Florida Real Estate Exam AND be great realtors. Ron is not just a real estate instructor – he’s the best one in town!  Just ask his students who pass the state licensing exam (It’s a difficult test!).  Ask his students who refer their friends and family to Climer School.  Ask his students who are making six-figure incomes selling real estate. (Yes – even in this troubling economy!)

His humorous, engaging teaching style keeps the topic interesting and relevant. Through stories and anecdotes Ron helps students not just memorize the material, but actually learn it.  In fact, most students take Ron’s class because a friend, relative, or co-worker recommended it.  That is the highest form of flattery we know of!

Ron uses stories and humor to make the class fun and the material memorable. Call Ron at 407-822-3926 or check out


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